Welcome to the Octopus ink news where you’ll find interesting photos of where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing!

  • Facebook LIVE Microblading session with Ireland (aka LITTLE FIRE) Egan 12noon 3/8/2019!

    Have questions about #Microblading?

    Get the inside peek on the procedure everyone’s raving about This Friday 12noon as our very own Microblading technician Ireland Egan (aka Little Fire) shows the internet realm her skills!

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  • Ralph Works Tommy's Tattoo Convention

    The fourth annual Tommy’s Tattoo Convention at the Connecticut Convention Center Oct. 2 to 4, 2015 featured dozens of artists from around the country, including Octopus Ink’s very own Ralph Fryer!

  • Upstate New York Tattoo Convention

    Aug 12-14 Octopus Ink attended the first annual Upstate New York Tattoo Convention hosted by Carmelo’s Ink City out in Syracuse, NY. Various artists from across the country and abroad attended this event. Here are a few photos

  • Guest Spot

    Octopus Ink will be doing a guest spot in Stamford CT at Big Dreams Tattoo from Dec 2nd through Dec 4th. Any questions feel free to email us. If you’re in the Stamford area all walk ins are welcome.

  • Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

    From February 10th-12th we will be taking our first trip to Philadelphia, PA to attend the 19th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Convention. It’ll be a big venue with a lot of  TV icons from Ink Masters and many other well known artists from across the country! Anybody in the area is urged to attend. Hope to see you there!!

  • Boston Tattoo Convention

    This weekend (March 24-26) Octopus Ink will be at Boston Convention. Any questions regarding this event please email us or if you’re in Boston feel free to drop in.

  • 6th Annual “Tommy’s Tattoo Convention”

    Hope to see y’all out and about!

    October 13-15, 2017 at the Connecticut Convention Center, 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford CT.

    Get your tickets!

  • @ FREESTYLEMANIA welcomes Ralph to the team!


    Just putting it there that I’ll be accompanying @freestylemania for the first time in January 2018 at DC Tattoo Convention.

    Appointments are currently available. DM me if you have any questions/inquiries

    #freestylemania #freestylemaniagang #dc #tattoo #convention #tour #tattooartists #octopusink

  • The All American Tattoo Convention!

    *** RALPH***

    Next week I’ll be in Fayetteville NC at the convention that weekend along with @freestylemania.

    If you’re in the area at that time check us out. Hope to see you there:))

    #tattooconvention #fayettevillenc #freestylemaniagang #tattoo #octopusink #geneva #genevany #315 #TeamRalph


    From Fayetteville, NC with the #FreeStyleManiaGang to Syracuse, NY with #CarmelosInkCity!

  • Guest Spot Adventures: Evil Genius Tattoo Club 5/25/2018-5/27/2018

    Some Tattoos and messing around after hours. Nothing serious lol!

  • Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo 2018

    Always set time aside for a #drank and break bread after long hours at a convention/expo


  • 23rd South Florida Tattoo Expo coming up!

    August 10th 2018- August 12th 2018!

    Get a hold of Ralph for availability!

  • ***2019 UPDATE***


    We’re grateful to all of our patrons out there near and far that have helped us get to where we are, THANK YOU!

    New to the team we have Ireland our piercer, Nick our Apprentice and thee marvelous Colby June our new artist!

    We’re all extremely excited with the growth that’s come with the new year and are stoked for whats ahead in the near future!